Mayor Tom Reid impresses the Pearland Police Officers Association (PAC)

Pearland, TX-

Statement from the PPOA:  Over these past weeks, the Pearland Police Officers Association P.A.C. has had the opportunity to observe and evaluate the perspectives and agendas of both candidates in the upcoming Mayor election. However, one candidate consistently impresses us as he has done for years.

Mayor Tom Reid stands up for all of Pearland’s residents and always places the needs of his residents above his own. Mayor Reid has proven to be an honest, and pragmatic man and continues to have hopeful insight into our community’s problems and needs.

Mayor Reid has the experience, knowledge, and willingness to examine the issues while also addressing them for all of Pearland. Mayor Reid has shown great concern for the residents of Pearland, and his willingness to listen to people’s problems is commendable. Mayor Reid has shown an exemplary standing in all these areas leading us to believe that all of Pearland’s support is best placed with Mayor Reid in the upcoming election. Mayor Reid is not only the Mayor we would like to continue to lead Pearland into the future, but also confirms why and how he has already succeeded in making Pearland what it is today. For these reasons, the Pearland Police Officers Association P.A.C. is writing today to express our support for Mayor Tom Reid for his re-election as Mayor and our intention both to vote for Mayor Tom Reid in the upcoming election and to spread word to others of the value of his policies and abilities.

We are hoping for Mayor Tom Reid’s continued success.


City council swearing in ceremony

The City of Pearland  announced the swearing in ceremony for new and returning council members.

The ceremony will be held Monday, May 15,m 2017 at 6:00 Pearland City Hall, 3519 Liberty Drive in Pearland, Texas 77581.

Incumbent Gary Moore, who is the current council member defeated J. Darnell Jones (55%)  won re-election on Saturday, May 6th.  J. David Little won over Jude Smith (65%)  will be sworn in for his first term replacing Council member Greg Hill.

Greg Hill vacated his seat to focus on his campaign for 2018 Republican Brazoria County Court at Law No. 1 Judge.

Reception will follow the ceremony.

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NAACP Chair member Endorses Mayor Tom Reid over Wiltz and Amos

PEARLAND, TX- Pearland Mayor Tom Reid has picked up an endorsement from NAACP Brazoria County Reactivation Chair, Eugene Howard.  Howard announced his endorsement Friday at the Tom Reid library.

“Mayor Reid is the type of man who shows evidence of a supreme being and has shown me that he believes all citizens are equal, from the largest to the smallest, Howard said.   And, on a personal note, this great man always has time for a conversation with me.”

Early voting began April 24th and runs through May 2.  Election day is May 6.

To learn more about the Eugene Howard and the Brazoria County NAACP,  visit



Pearland Police Officers Association (PAC) endorses Little, Moore, Reid

Pearland, TX- After considering other candidates in the Mayoral and City Council race, representatives of the Pearland Police Officers Association (PAC) Executive board voted to endorse

J David Little for Pearland City Council Position 5

Gary Moore for Pearland City Council Position 3

Tom Reid for Mayor

Representing the group was Detective John DeSpain.  “We look for candidates that support law and order,” said Despain, “our goal is to support those candidates we feel will guard the interests of the Pearland Police Department and the members of the PPOA. We are proud to endorse Reid, Moore and Little.”

To learn more about the Pearland Police Officers Association visit their website,

Cracking down on Illegal Parking in Handicapped Spots with an App

It’s something everyone struggles with… finding a parking spot.

The problem is even tougher for those who require a handicapped spot when drivers that don’t really need it take their space.

Nearly 1 in 5 people in the U.S. have a disability according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Tabitha Mayberry became handicapped 11 years ago after a car crash. She said she faces a problem around 20 times a week — able-bodied men and women parking in the handicapped spots illegally.

Mayberry explained, “It’s a hassle, really, to go through that when you’re just trying to live everyday like someone else.”

But she is trying to make parking for those who are disabled easier by using a parking mobility app.

“How it works is that an individual can report people parking in handicapped spots that do not have [the tag]… to park in a handicapped spot,” said Mayberry.

Right now, it’s fully operational in Texas, but Mayberry is trying to bring it to Arkansas by collecting data on the app.

“It will report like violation, but because it’s not implemented they do not get a fine. Once we can get it implemented here with the police departments, then a citation will be mailed to the individual in violation,” Mayberry explained.

Enforcing the app will also save time since cops won’t have to write up a ticket.

“I feel like it is something that could easily be addressed. And I think a lot of it comes from people who are not aware. If I can bring an awareness to it, then that’s my goal,” said Mayberry.

Anyone can download the app called “Parking Mobility”, and it’s free.




Pearland Police Officer honored by Exchange Club

A crowd gathered at the 52nd Annual Texas Louisiana Gulf Coast District Exchange Club Crime Prevention luncheon on April 13th to honor law enforcement officers for their commitment to their town’s safety.


According to the Pearland Police Department’s Facebook page,

“The Pearland Police Department is pleased to announce that Officer Sonny Carlson has been presented with the Pearland Exchange Club Officer of the Year Award at the 52nd Annual Texas Louisiana Gulf Coast District Exchange Club Crime Prevention Luncheon on April 13, 2017. In addition to Officer Carlson, officers from eleven local jurisdictions were also honored at the event.

The Exchange Club is a national civic organization with numerous chapters across the country. Their three primary Programs of Service which drive their activities are Americanism, Youth Programs, and Community Service.

The following are excerpts from Officer Carlson’s nomination:

Dedication, Professionalism and Pride: these are words that continue to be used when people speak about the character and work ethic of Officer Harold “Sonny” Carlson. In April of 2016 Officer Carlson was selected to be the department’s first Data Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety (DDACTS) officer, a position earned due to his history of hard work and dedication to service for the people of Pearland. Since his selection to the unit, Officer Carlson has conducted over 2000 traffic stops and made 84 arrests. While the volume of contacts he made is impressive, what is more impactful is the feeling that Officer Carlson leaves with those citizens.

Officer Carlson has a knack calming people down and goes above and beyond in helping citizens. Officer Carlson takes the extra time to make people feel that they are not just another number passing through the city.

Officer Carlson shows his dedication to service by also volunteering his time by assisting with community events such as “Tip-A-Cop”, an event benefiting the Special Olympics. Because of his positive and professional work and attitude, the Pearland Police Department is proud to name Officer Carlson as the 2017 Exchange Club Officer of the Year.”


Pearland PD protects mommy bird that laid eggs on patrol car

A mommy bird has found a perfect, yet unexpected place to have her babies – a Pearland Police Department car, Unit 187.

According to the PPD Facebook page,

The Pearland Police Department discovered that a mother Mourning Dove had taken up residence on PPD Unit 187. She sits atop of her eggs and is patiently waiting for them to hatch.

The average gestation period for incubation takes approximately two weeks. The hatched young, called a squab, is usually helpless at hatching. Both parents feed the squab’s dove’s milk for the first 3–4 days of life. Fledging takes place in about 11–15 days, before the squabs are fully grown but after they are capable of digesting adult food. They stay nearby to be fed by their father for up to two weeks after fledging.

The Pearland Police Department will be also patiently waiting for mamma bird to have her eggs hatch and the little ones to fly the coop. We expect them to hatch in another week or so, tune in right here for updates on mother bird and soon to be little ones.

City of Pearland Ord:
Sec. 6-14. – Bird sanctuary; shooting, catching birds prohibited.
The city is hereby declared to be a bird sanctuary, and the director of transportation is hereby authorized to erect appropriate signs and other markers, at highway entrances to the city and at other places, to evidence the same.
It shall be unlawful for any person to shoot or attempt to shoot or kill with any firearm, air rifle, bow and arrow, slingshot or other apparatus, or to trap, ensnare or otherwise catch any wild bird, regardless of age, within the city.
(Ord. No. 528-8, § 1, 11-11-13)17917878_10154745574012701_9033877083908631576_o17880185_10154745574417701_2026383446836374613_o