Wiltz, Candidate for Mayor under investigation for removing political signs


Pearland Mayoral candidate Quentin Wiltz is under investigation this Memorial Day weekend for removing popular Pearland Mayor Tom Reid’s  campaign signs from a location near Pearland Parkway.

On Sunday, (May 27th) Pearland Police Department received a complaint from a Pearland resident who said he witnessed a male and a female removing several Tom Reid campaign signs out of the ground. The witness confronted the subject and took a cell phone photograph and video of the couple removing political campaign signage.

PD arrived on the scene to discover the identity of the couple removing Tom Reid campaign signs was Quentin and Monique Wiltz.

Wiltz admitted to removing the signs from the property stating he had permission from the property owner.  However, it appears several of the signs may have been on city property.

Mayor Reid’s campaign aide states they had no knowledge of who placed Tom Reid signs on the property nor have they received any request from the property owner to remove the signs.

Regardless of how someone feels about a candidate, the election process or the signs themselves,  removing, tampering or stealing a campaign sign is a criminal act.  If you are not the property owner or sign owner, you should never remove campaign signs for any purpose. It is against the law.

Wiltz is no stranger to Texas campaign laws.  He twice ran unsuccessfully for Pearland City Council.

In May 2015, an upset Mrs. Wiltz filed a criminal mischief complaint  against an unknown person stating “someone has been damaging Wiltz signs and they cost $40.00 each.”  Mrs. Wiltz requested that Pearland PD check traffic cameras to catch the suspects, but the cameras were not recording.

In any case, Quentin Wiltz would do himself and his campaign a favor by not committing crimes days before voting begins…especially against a War Veteran during a Memorial Day weekend.

Criminal mischief, Case# 17-004864

Mayor Tom Reid served the United States Navy as a Fighter Pilot and received the Nathan Hale Award from the Reserve Officers Association of the United States, Department of Texas in 1984.


3 thoughts on “Wiltz, Candidate for Mayor under investigation for removing political signs”

  1. When a candidate does this, they should not be allowed to run in the campaign. There has been a lot of this going on in Pearland for the city elections last month. My husband ran for a council position and a citizen took photos of a woman in a maroon suv removing my husbands signs and the citizen made a police report. We have lived here for 46 yrs and this is the first time this has been done.


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